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A willow branch is bent to form
A circle to portend
The unity of The People
From beginning to the end

Then back to the beginning
A cycle ne'er to break
A guide throughout a lifetime
One which will not forsake

Then all around the circle
Offerings were tied
To represent those things in life
By which we shall abide

Feathers - beads - a tuft of fur
And silken strands of hair
Decorate the hoop as it
Swings freely in the air.

Lakota legend tell us
Just how this came to be
A spider and great teacher
Would let our dreams flow free

Iktomi reached to lift the hoop
And then began to spin
A web to fill the circle
Completely from within

But at the very center
He left a single hole
In order that the bad dreams
Remain in its control

He spoke then of life's forces
There are good he said - and sad
The web will catch the good ones
The hole will guide the bad

Away from those beneath it
To vanish with the sun
Ideas - hopes and dreams will be
Allowed to freely run

And to this day it still remains
As told so long ago
Belief in the Great Spirit
Will always live to show

That when this sacred hoop is hung
Above a place for sleep
The Dream Catcher protects us
Its offerings ours to reap

Brother Wolf  ©  '99


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May 28,1999

Page created by;Cherokee Wolf