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 The ride began that winters day,
 Mid thunderous  hooves--Mother Earth did pray.
 Her People fled--a trek--from harm,
 As Earth's great Spirits--sound alarm.
 The drumbeats carry--through the snow,
 Encourage strength as fierce winds blow.
 The sick, the old--with children too,
 Seek peace and hope to live anew.
 The shame from those who's hearts were cold,
 Brings tears of sorrow--  from young and old.
 Our Mother too--cries tears of pain,
 Cavalry's hearts-- show whos to blame.
 The Spirits join with those in trek,
 To honor, pray and pay respect.
 The sage burns full in memories still,
 As present trek---that journey's fulfilled.
 The Trek--which ended once in shame,
 Now resumes for years--- in honor claimed.
 Reclaim in spirit, strength and peace,
 For Hoops renewal--and souls release.
 The ride now continues to Wounded Knee,
 The Future Generations- Oomaka Tokatakiya.
 We ride with them--in heart and soul,
 To heal the Hoop---------and honor all.
 The cold is there--we feel it's sting,
 Of memories full- it's sadness brings.
 Remind us of a year long past,
 But strength grows through--toward peace--at last.
 To bring the Old with honor filled,
 Old Ways to live--all air is stilled.
 Earth's joy to feel that strength--comes full,
 Old Ways to live--" you feel the pull?"
 The dreambeats through the Earth are felt,
 With hooves and hearts--Earth's creatures knelt.
 Connect Creator's love for all,
 The Riders songs-------they're Mother's call.
 We know the families- their bond- it's true,
 Theyre those who lived- to carry through.
 Their strength through heart- with Spirit Guides,
 Are historys link to those who died.
 " The Eagle cries!" " The Buffalo rise!"
 The Four Winds carry strength to those who ride,
 Mother Earth gives blessing- Her People- pray,
 The Hoop- to heal- it's day by day.
 The Riders' songs through strength of will,
 Their purpose- strong- with honor still.
 Gives Hoop a strength to mend through Earth,
 " Lakota Dream"--a joy--rebirth!!

 Kici ota yuonihan
 with much respect

Author... Unknown

Page created by;
September 16, 2001