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The Poems
Richard Buckingham
(Brother Wolf)



A mountainside - a mist hangs low
A ghostlike form appears
To move among the shadows
And as we watch, it nears

It moves like water in a stream
It glides with fluid grace
Watching, listening, reading signs
Which only it can place

A scent is brought on changing winds
It reaches him with force
He knows that soon a life will end
But yet, feels no remorse

For in his world it has been taught
For generations here
That while a life ends - one goes on
There is no need for tear

The weak, the frail sustain the strong
So that all may survive
This credo from Great Spirits sent
Will keep the earth alive

Within this scene before us spread
There is no loss or waste
The wolf knows well this lesson taught
He knows it must be faced

If water, land and creatures all
Endure and then remain
Life will go on and then be free
To build itself again

A never-ending cycle is
Portrayed upon this slope
Our totem and our brother
Offers us eternal hope

That if we pause and ponder now
Then we will surely know
That we must move together
And carefully choose which seeds we sow

(c)Richard Buckingham '99



Many moons have come and gone 
 The message is first read
   Our Creator stood with upraised  hands
 To tell what lies ahead

He then made earth and creatures
Speaking clear in voice and sign
 To give each one his duty
To limit and define

 What they must do forever more.
Insure that Mother earth
Will bloom with life and love - and then
He said, "This is the Birth"

 On that day at Lake Chelan
 The song of drum and flute
 Joined with him as he declared
 This is absolute

 Now here a different time and place
 Another wise man stands
 His message - grace are both  the same
 He talks with words and hands

 Before him on this special day
 Meet souls in fear and strength
 And as his fathers before him did
 In truth,  he speaks at length

 Telling all who hear him now
 That they're the chosen ones
 And they alone have knowledge
 To be passed for endless suns

 Prayers were given - offerings made
 And then as silence fell
 Upon each heart, each mind and soul
 They stood, to go - to tell

 That to this day things still remain
 As then - at Lake Chelan
 With honor on that birthing day
 The legend first began

(c) Richard Buckingham '99

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