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A path to walk!

A Great Eagle
Flew down from above, 
To "Gift" me with a "Teaching"
About the power of love. 

She whispered to me, 
though you are not of my Clan, 
There something I wish to share,
I want you to understand. 

About the gift of love, 
And all it can do, 
For someone who needs, 
To share it with you. 

With a pat on the back, 
or a kind smile on your face, 
Can make someone's life, 
A much brighter place. 

It doesn't take much, 
To show even a stranger you care, 
To give them the love, 
"Grandfather" gave you to share. 

So please keep in mind, 
All the gifts you possess, 
To grace someone's life, 
When they're in distress. 

You've a path to walk upon this earth 
To bestow and "Teach" of the powers of love, 
And with those final words as I felt the stir of her wings, 
She flew off circling till she disappeared above.

For this path is so easy to see,
so I share the "Gift" with each of you.
It is not a narrow path but wide road,
wide enough for everyone to walk not just the few.

"Sty yu Oginalii" 
                  (Have Strength in Your Journey My Friends!)
                        Dody McCoy
                      Unahwi' Atsi'la 
                     Chantan PetaWinyon

             When you Harm the one, You Harm the whole !
           When you Help the one, 
You Help the whole !
                    For we are all Related !

     "O ta sa la nv lvi" <Tsalagi/Cherokee>( We are Al Brothers and Sisters ! ) 

  " Mitakuye Oyasin" < Lakota >
( We are All Relations ! )



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