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Celtic Legend

Legend tells that the power of the 
Berserker---preternatural strength, prowess, virility, and cunning---can be bought for the going rate of a man's soul.

In the heather hills of the Highlands, the Viking god Odin lurks in shadowy places listening for the bitter howl of a man, brutalized beyond mortal endurance, to envoke his aid.

Legend holds that if the man is worthy, the primal breath of the gods blows into the man's heart, making him an undefeatable warrior.

Women whisper that the Berserker is an incomparable lover; legend holds there is a single true mate for him. Like the wolf, he loves but once and for all time. 

High in the mountains of Scotland, the Circle Elders say that the Berserker, once summond, can never be dismissed---and if the man does not learn to accept the primitive instincts of the beast within, he will die.

Lgend Tells of such a man.....

A Norse Legend
(The Twilight of the Gods)

Legend tells that Ragnarok--the final battle of the gods--will herald the end of the world.

Destruction will rage in the kingdom of the gods. In the last battle, Odin will be devoured by a wolf. The earth will be destroyed by fire, and th universe will sink into the sea. 

Legend holds that this final destruction will be followed by rebirth. The earth will reemerge from the water, lush and teeming with new life. It is prophesied the sons of the dead Aesir will return to Asgard, the home of the gods, and reign again.

In the mountains of Scotland, the Circle Elders say Odin doesn't believe in taking any chances, that he schemes to defy fate by breeding his warrior race of Berserkers into the Scottish bloodlines, deeply hidden. They await the twilight of the gods, at which time he will summon them to fight for him once more.

Legend tells that there are Berserkers walking among us, even now....

I do not know if the Legends here are truth or fiction. I found them in a book by Karen Marie Moning.  The title is "To Tame a Highland Warrior".
I read the book and the legend caught my attention so greatly that I knew I wanted to make a page out of it. All the credit is hers.. 



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