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Lodge of Legends

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This picture used with permission of  Night Wolf


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O si yo    chi lu ge   a que nv sv
(Hello you have come to my home)

da quo do v   wa ya   tsa la gi yi
(my name is a Wolf of the Cherokee kind)

ho wa tsu   a s ta qua dv s di    a que tse li   vi sv i
(please accompany my journey)

go li gi quv   i yu tsi ge sv   lu la yu i   a gv yv li i
di de yo
di   ka no he lv di   ani di ni yo li
(longtime ago when old persons taught stories to children.)

A (li) s dv tlu gv    na v i   a que tse li   a tsi la
(You sit near my fire)

a li    a da yo ta e di     ga nv no wa
(and share smoking pipe)

a li   ka no he di   ka no he lv di
(and tell stories.)


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