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(c) Sally J. Smith


I have created these pages to keep the old stories
from dying out. I have added some poetry and 
prayers. I hope that children and adults from all walks of life will take the time to read and not only enjoy the stories, but feel the peace and love the 
elders felt as they passed the stories on to the 
next generation. Also to remind us that we are 
all woven together in the fabric of life; the 
minerals, the plants, the animals and all of the 
people of this fragile place we call Earth,
and to inspire and encourage the viewer to
walk more reverently, to dance more joyfully
and to live in closer harmony with the 
web of life.


Now please click on the wolf 
and sit by the fire, share a 
smoke and listen to the 
stories of old.



Page designed by; Cherokee Wolf
July 16, 1999