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It is 10:10 and getting near to the time Santa 
will lift off in his sleigh to deliver all the toys 
and candy for the children of the world.

Shall we see what Santa is doing??


Bet you did not know Santa has very cold feet..
So now he is soaking his feet in hot water to get 
them really warm for his travel around the world.
As you can see he is checking his list of names to 
make sure he has all the children, that have been 
good this year, taken care of.. Wonder if the little 
Mouse is checking all the little mice children off his
list.. Hhhuuummmm!!!!!


Shall we see what all the activity is outside??

Oh my they are loading the Santa Express.. They have even enlisted the help of the animals to get the sleigh loaded on time for Santa's departure.  And look the mouse is loading a bag for the mice children..
It is a very busy busy nite for all who live at the North Pole.. 

And now it is time for Santa to leave..

Mrs. Clause gives Santa a big kiss goodbye 
and tells him to be careful.. After all there is
a lot of airtraffic now.

HoHoHo Santa is on his way...


From Santa;

From us!!!!!!!


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