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Wisdom From 

They stood before the cave and their hearts felt so heavy they wanted to yell out to relieve the pain. Above where they were, they could see the ancient drawings of the ancestors desecrated with bullet holes.
Men had used that sacred place as target practice and left their cans of beer as further insult. They knew then what was missing from this time.
It was just as Wovoka had predicted. They remembered the words spoken after the Spirit Dance.

"I have seen the land of tomorrow and it is troubling. The Indian disappears until only a few are singing the songs of the Father Sun and Sky and dancing the rhythms of Mother Earth."

The white man conquered and forgot how to dance gracefully in balance with the life force. He thought it could be overpowered, instead of honored.
(c) Constance O'Day - Flannery

A Forest rife with towering trees
Ends close upon a shore
To watch and guard The people
Who have gathered  here before

Words which traveled on the wind
They came  from distant drums
To summon them together
This band of ancient ones.

Elders, Shaman, leaders all
With common goal in mind
To listen to the spirits
And know that they must find

A way to tell the nations
Of the dangers which we face
If all  the Great One's creatures
Shall vanish from this place

And while they sit in silence
A vision fills the door
The wolf speaks to them clearly
Words too somber to  ignore.

All living things upon this land
Forever more entwined
Depend upon their brother - Wolf
To change the state of mind

That earth belongs to us to use
And taint without a thought
To how it will sustain us
Though ruin we have wrought

The vision - Wolf then faded
As though it were never there
The ancient one's then chanted
A strain of great despair

Their teaching has transcended time
And shown us of it's worth
That in the end all creatures know
That they belong to Earth
(c)Richard Buckingham





Brother Wolf

 I heard a voice calling to me...
    From I know not where...
         But as I turned..
    I saw him standing there...

    He spoke to me in words...
      That touched my heart..
   And asked me to play a part..
  Delivering them to the world..
           I said I would..
      And then he disapeared ..
           Into the wood...

 He returns every now and then..
          To give me words...
       To pass on to a friend..

              Who is this...        That passes on such great words?
               He is Wolf!
 He is my Brother of the Heart!
         He is Brother Wolf!

(c) Dakotasnow



It has been said by wiser men
That when the beasts are gone,
The lonliness that's left behind
Will do away with dawn.

  Men fear thee Wolf
But I don't ask - I know.
It's not your fierceness felt by them
But the beauty which you sow.

  It grows within our hearts and mind to threaten those of us,
Who cannot seem to find the way
To love, and to be kind.

  So if you go forever Wolf,
Please take me with you then.
I need to be with yours and you
and not these selfish men.
(c) Dick Buckingham


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