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The wind blows softly through the grass,
Of yellow, brown and gold.
They sway in Tribute for those lost,
Their mournful stories unfold
The path that leads up to the hill,
Where buried families lay.
Echoes the sounds of horses hooves,
The ground feels to this day.
The graves--all still--and yet--there's sound,
Of voices through the air.
Those cries you hear--theyre not the wind,
Souls- asking you to care.
You stand there- still- as voices cry,
The tears begin to flow.
You feel their pain and sorrow deep,
Great Mystery's name--you call.
The Eagles cry from Sacred Sites,
Their screams heard far and wide.
" Do not forget-- what happened here!!"
Lest history tries to hide.
The heart connects with Spirits deep,=20
To join them in their prayer.
They plead to mend the Circle now,
All Nations--hands joined--to care.
The Prayer Ties wave with gentle winds,
To join the swaying grass.
All Earth responds with prayers of hope,=20
For peaceful souls at last.

Oct 30,1998 Copyright ErthAvengr

Now the Eagle is crying again. May the Great Spirit enfold in his arms all the souls lost 9|11|01

The flag will fly half mast until all terrorists are dealt with.


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