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Deep in the tundra 
The she wolf doth wait,
She guards the den
Where four pups lie,
She protects her own
They must not die.

Her mate returns and 
Greets the pack,
The hunt was bad, the hunger is back.
And in his side a bloody wound
From a hunter's gun.
His life is ruined.
From a tiny piece of speeding lead,
By mornings light 
The wolf is dead.
Without a tear the female knows
It's up to her, so off she goes.

She must leave alone
Her young behind,
For the food that she,
must seek and find.
Alone too long, the weak one dies,
Three are left, but hunger cries.

Attracks a bear
Who takes one more.
While up above, the eagles soar.
A third pup wanders
From the den,
Alone to face the world of men.

He's found and destined for a zoo,
But dies before the journey's through.
Then one lone pup
Is left to fast.
When the female comes
From the hunt at last.

He licks her jaws
And she gives to him,
The food she brought
From the forest rim.
But a farmer is not pleased
As a sheep is dead,
And he vows revenge
On the killer's head.

Deep in the tundra
The wolves must wait.
While men decide their final fate.
Can we help them to survive?
Or must we end their time alive?

Author: Malcolm Younger

Hunting of wolves in any way or for any reason 
should be outlawed.

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January 29,2001