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I have added this page and taken the menu bars off each page.  The site has grown so large that it is really a chore to add a new page to each of them.. So I decided to put all on this page and make it easier for me.  I hope this does not inconvenience anyone searching for a page.

Thanks, Chero

 Creation of the First Indians 

  Legend of the Wolf Star and First Fire 

 How the Buffalo Were Released on Earth 

 Origin of the Buffalo Dance 

 Bears' Lodge 

 The Legend of the Flute 

 Origin of the Lakota Peace Pipe 

 The Magic Arrows 

 The Origin of Light 

 Coyote and Multnomah Falls 

 The Wolf Ceremoney 

 How Corn Came to the Earth 

 Eagle Stories 

 Godasiyo the Woman Chief 

 Mates for Life 

 Wisdom From the Spirits 

 Legend of the Cherokee Rose 


 More Poetry 


 The Story of Jumping Mouse 

 Earth Our Mother 

 Wolf Prayers 

 Shunka Manitu 

 A Song For The People 

 Lakota Dreams "NEW" 

 My Face in the Land "NEW" 

 Memorial Page "NEW" 

 My Awards Page 

 Native Links 


 Tube Links Page "NEW" 

 PRIDE-American Tribute "NEW" 

 The Path "NEW" 

My Other Pages

 Song of the Wolf   


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